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10 FREE video promotion tactics for small businesses

Video content is one of the most effective tools for marketing your business, no matter its size. The engagement rates are higher, it converts customers quicker and is often the preferred format for people to digest information online. For small business owners, in particular, working with a limited budget, video content is a great way to generate valuable leads without having to overspend. In this guide, you will learn a tonne of valuable stuff, including:

  • Why you should edit with social in mind
  • How to get the most out of your video content for social and your website
  • How to utilise your own network
  • How to carry out keyword research for specific platforms
  • How to effectively promote videos through email marketing
  • How to write targeted calls to action
  • How to effectively cross-promote content

All of this AND: + OPTIMAL image sizes for each platform + TOP TIPs on how to best promote video content + BEST PRACTICES for marketing through Youtube

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How does video marketing help my business?

  • Provides easily digestible content to your audience
  • Converts customers quicker
  • Has the highest engagement rate of all content formats
  • Establishes your brand identity and builds brand awareness
  • An easy way to cross-promote content

Meet The Authors

Ruth Hartnoll Content Director

Content Director Ruth is your go-to Copywriting, Content Marketing and Social Media specialist. She lives for sharing ideas and stories and can often be found scouring the internet for the latest in digital marketing trends. Ruth has been planning, creating, promoting and analysing content for just over four years now. She’s also HubSpot Certified in Content Marketing – meaning you’re in safe hands. 

Julie Tumilty Managing Director, Feature Media

Julie is the Managing Director and a  Founder of Feature Media Ltd, a video production and animation company, based in Leeds but working nationally. Feature Media work across a range of different sectors and business sizes and believe passionately that video and animation content, is the most powerful form of content marketing around if used correctly as part of a strategy. Julie’s mission is to help business leaders overcome challenges, make the most of opportunities and drive business growth through video and animation content marketing.