10 Independent Liverpool Businesses we love

10 Independent Liverpool Businesses we love

We have a special affection for Liverpool Independent Businesses because they have started small, just like us, and flourished into inspirational hubs of creativity and success.

In this post, we cover everything from food to fashion and Art to Yoga! Each inspiring in their own ways, we really believe there is something fellow small business owners can learn from their stories. We hope you get as much motivation from reading about them as we did writing this post.

 1.  Leaf, Bold Street

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First entering the scene 11 years ago, Leaf has had it’s home on one of Liverpool’s busiest streets since 2013. Leaf is a casual, cozy yet oh-so-hip place for delicious food and drink for any type of occasion. The winner of numerous hospitality & food awards, Leaf serves fresh, wholesome dishes using the best locally sourced produce, catering for a range of tastes. If you’ve never tried loose leaf tea, break your virgini-tea here. Leaf serves over 50 rare loose-leaf teas from across the globe; if you get some on your visit & really like it, you can buy it in cute little tins to enjoy at home, too. The goodness doesn’t stop there, though. Leaf’s boho starlit interior has made it a hotspot for local musicians so it’s a great place for gig-goers. You don’t have to drink tea though, they do great cocktails.

The reason we love it: Indulgently hipster

Perfect for: Catching up on gossip, calming pre-date nerves

Summed up in a sentence: Loose leaf tea & loose lips

2. Mowgli, Liverpool

Mowgli is a firm favourite of scouse foodies. Mowgli was founded in 2014 by Nisha Katona, settling in its first home on Bold Street, Liverpool; Mowgli has now grown to include six restaurants in five locations. Having decided to swap her 20-year career as a Barrister to follow her passion for building an authentic Indian eatery, Nisha created her restaurant centered on what Indians ate and how they ate on their streets. We wanted to mention that Nisha is a real kick-ass businesswoman. She not only has an Internationally followed YouTube channel, but she is also a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ & has written three cookbooks. Click here to read more about her inspirational story.   

As for her restaurant chain, put simply, the food is out-of-this-world good. From its Street Meats to Indian-style Tiffin Boxes, you will discover flavours that will make you rethink your favourite Friday night Indian. They don’t describe their food as ‘smash and grab zing’ for no reason.

The reason we love it: The menu is huge and everything is delicious. They also sell cool branded tote bags.

Perfect for: Friday food & drinks after work.

Summed up in a sentence: Laid backstreet food with mates & small plates.

3. Scouse Bird Shop, Aintree

Scouse bird originally began as a Twitter account in 2012, that founder Steph Bannister started ‘just for fun’. Fast forward to 2018, Scouse Bird has over 200,000 twitter followers and is one of the most recognizable scouse brands in the city. Scouse Bird is widely known for its funny relatable quotes about being a female Liverpudlian.


Steph’s shop ‘The Sassy Bird’ started as a result of her growing blogging success. The sassy bird has everything a scouse girl could dream of. From blinged-out stationary and clothing adorned with scouse slang- to ‘carphume’- perfume for your car. We didn’t know that was a thing but it sure beats our ‘new car scent’ air freshener.

The reason we love it: It sells products that are original & hilariously relatable. Even for us ladies who aren’t scouse.

Perfect for: A funny & original gift for your BFF.

Summed up in a sentence: It’s boss, girl.

4. News From Nowhere, Bold Street

News from Nowhere is a not-for-profit radical & community bookshop. Founded in 1974, the alternative bookstore opened in Manchester & moved three times before settling in Liverpool. The independent bookshop speaks of its purpose as providing access to books and information on the reality of the world e.g. Labour History, Black Liberation, Irish Politics, and Struggles for Justice and Peace Worldwide amongst others. News from Nowhere has established itself as Liverpool’s main independent bookshop. Not only are its books inspirational, but the bookshop has been a Women’s Collective since 1981, providing many women, as members of the collective or as volunteers, with the experience of running a business.

The reason we love it: It is a haven for everyone no matter who they are. They also have a wicked Instagram.

Perfect for: Those Saturdays when you want to chill by yourself & be completely uninterrupted.

Summed up in a sentence: Education and liberation.

5. White Wolf Yoga & Kitchen, Cook Street

There’s no denying how relaxing yoga can be, especially mid-week when your work has got you a little stressed. White wolf, situated in the heart of Liverpool, offers a variety of early and late Yoga classes, aimed at nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Their symbol, the White Wolf, is derived from a native American term for an Orca, which they say encapsulates power, love, and unity- which is exactly what they hope to achieve with their studio. The studio itself is located in a beautiful old ballroom that was once used for city property auctions.

White Wolf’s got you covered post-workout, too. They have a refreshing choice of vegan smoothies and snacks made from locally sourced ingredients. It’s a truly great place to melt the stress away.

The reason we love it: It’s calm & lulling interior makes us forget how much we can’t do that stretch. But it also helps us forget about that difficult report. So it’s a win.

Perfect for: Me-time.

Summed up in a sentence: Downward facing dog = upward facing mood.

6. The Tavern Company, Penny Lane

The Tavern Company is a true icon of the Liverpool breakfast scene. As one of the city’s longest standing and truly loved restaurants, the Tavern is the perfect spot to get delicious breakfast at great prices. We aren’t going to lie, it’s probably our favourite place to get a food cure after a heavy Friday night, and we aren’t alone. If you’ve ever driven through Penny lane on a Saturday morning, the queues for this cozy hideout are always out the door. The Tavern’s owner is Keith Gurney who is originally from America & he has given the Tavern a homely, yet dive-bar theme. Since its birth in 1990, the Tavern has become a proudly independent and award-winning business & a go-to for many scousers. They’re unlimited tea and coffee is just a bonus.

The reason we love it: You haven’t had breakfast as good as this.

Perfect for: Saturday breakfast with your mates who never went home from the party.

Summed up in a sentence: Bang for your buck.

7. Resurrection, Bold Street

We couldn’t not include fashion. Resurrection is a vintage retailer that has been selling retro dreaminess since 1991. What first started as a small retailer in Quiggins, is now a two-story clothing heaven in the center of Liverpool that ships worldwide. Resurrection is a homegrown icon of quirky clothing and style- selling everything from vintage tour tees to Vans- as well as lots of unique vintage pieces. We have nabbed many a thing for as little as a fiver. Including a top that we know we used to actually own… #memories. We recommend giving their Insta a follow, they often post pics of some of their goodies on there.

P.S if you aren’t already sold, Samuel L.Jackson and Jared Leto have both shopped here when they stopped in Liverpool. Their coolness level just went up by 200.

The reason we love it: Clothing so cool it convinces us we can pull off that 90s sequined tube top.

Perfect for: Finding one-of-a-kind pieces.

Summed up in a sentence: Style Central.


8. Pop Boutique, Bold Street

The story of this amazing independent is as good as its clothes & furniture. The owner, Richard Free, states that the store is more than what it sells, that it’s a ‘way of life’. Beginning his journey in 1981, Richard would travel every weekend in his van from the North of England to flea markets in London, finding the most unique pieces around. Fast forward to ‘85- his Liverpool store opened and has been expanding ever since. Read more of the story here.

Pop Boutique is a must-stop for all fashion conscious folk in Liverpool. All of their items are hand picked by staff, who are quoted as ‘Vintage Addicts’, so you can trust you’re buying the best. The store itself is like stepping into the 1970s, with a suave bohemian vibe; it’s doubtful you’ll leave empty handed.

The reason we love it: It awakens the hippy in us.

Perfect for: Free-spirited peeps who are in the market for some unique items.

Summed up in a sentence: Prepare to give your friends style envy.


9. The Bluecoat, School Lane

Ahh, the Bluecoat. It’s unlikely you haven’t heard of or been here. The Bluecoat is known as the creative cultural epicenter of the city. Why? Each year it holds hundreds of creative events designed for all audiences from all backgrounds. Poets are honoured, Art is like a bloodstream, Music lovers are treated to vintage record stores. If you like comedy shows, gigs and plays, be sure to check their events calendar because there is always something exciting taking place at this iconic venue.

The reason we love it: It provides a safe & inclusive space for creatives of all backgrounds.

Perfect for: Taking your visiting friends/relatives for a unique day out.

Summed up in a sentence: You’ll fall in love with art & music all over again.

10. Unity Theatre, Hope Place

The Unity Theatre is an independent performance venue that has been around since the 1930s. The theatre is steeped in social and political history, please have a read of its interesting background here. In 2018, Unity is an award-winning performance venue that is known for championing diverse audiences & artists- a self-proclaimed counterpoint to the mainstream in the performing arts field. Amongst its various theatrical plays and shows, Unity aims to develop theatre-makers from all backgrounds at every career stage, including educating emerging artists to explore the social & political aspects of their industry. In addition to its sterling reputation, Unity theatre is supported by respectable Patrons such as David Morrisey, Andrew Lancel, and Josette Bushell Mingo OBE. Unity is a true beacon of championing all artists.

The reason we love it: It supports and encourages diversity and equality for all artists.

Perfect for: A mid-week visit to the theatre with your other half.

Summed up in a sentence: Great shows and even better values.

Thank you for reading!

We hope we made your day a little more inspirited. If you love Liverpool Business like we do, why not read our post on 7 of the best places to remote work in Liverpool?

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