5 affordable video marketing trends for SMEs to try in 2018

5 affordable video marketing trends for SMEs to try in 2018

Whether you’re a small business or a global company, video is now an essential part of any marketing campaign. But as an SME it can be hard to keep up to speed with video marketing trends and present your company as innovative – even tougher when budgets and resources are small. So what are affordable video marketing trends that your SME can try? We’ve collected them here to save you time. Check out some killer examples from big brands and see how you can use it for your small business.

360 Video

This one sounds more intimidating than it actually is. A 360 camera enables you to capture moving images from 360 degrees. Imagine capturing a gig or event from every angle. Plus, it’s not as complicated or as expensive as it sounds. You can pick up a 360 camera for £149.99 on Amazon, which is cheap for such an immersive experience.

With content almost at saturation point. It’s not surprising that audiences are drawn to unique experiences. They want that ‘wow’ factor – something to draw their attention in their newsfeed.

  • Hosting/going to an event? 360 it.
  • Creating a short film or promo? 360 it.
  • Making a tutorial? You get the picture. You won’t regret it, and your audience will love you for it. Get creative!

360 content examples:

As you can see from this list, there are endless opportunities with 360 content. You can adjust any of the above to fit with your own brand.


Similarly to 360 cameras, VR content or headsets can seem like a territory that can only be crossed by huge businesses. VR is actually very attainable for SMEs. Thanks to Google Cardboard, you can pick up a cardboard headset for just over a fiver on Amazon. No fancy equipment required.

If you’re thinking about the actual VR content itself, then we’ve got you covered there too. If you get yourself a 360 camera, then that’s all you have to worry about. The content that you create in 360 doubles up as VR, as audiences with headsets can view it this way to gain even more of a unique experience.

VR content works pretty much the same as 360, unless you have the means to develop anything animated, or something that involves more audience interaction (like a VR app or game). For that reason, here’s a brilliant example of a home improvement brand (Lowes) using VR to educate their audience about D.I.Y. projects. Hopefully this will help to spark your imagination!

Why try it:

  • It’s gimmicky and fun for your audience
  • It’s miles better than a plain old video
  • It’s cheap and easy to try

Tips on how:

  • Keep it relevant to your brand, not just for show
  • Think creatively and make something new

Live Video/Tutorials

Here’s one that requires minimal effort or cost, but that can be just as effective as the more ‘expensive’ methods of video marketing.

How many times have you got a notification for a live video, and had to look? How many times have you looked up a tutorial on YouTube to help you achieve something, whether it’s winged eyeliner or putting together a bookcase from IKEA?

Chances are, this has happened to you a lot as an audience member. So, you can see the attraction of such content but why and how would you create it for your own brand?

Why try it:

  • Audiences are encouraged to watch/participate
  • Because of its gimmicky nature, it’s a lot more enticing than a bog-standard video
  • It adds value/solves problems
  • It feels more personal to your audience
  • It’s fun

Tips on how:

Animated Content

This one can seem a little confusing at first; why use animated content when a video requires less effort, and is more or less the same thing?

Think about what gets your attention online. Is it the guy in a suit explaining business, or bright colours and graphics? We both know the answer. Animated content is more fun for audiences, and shows off your brand in a unique way.

Here’s how can you make animated content without spending a fortune:

  • Biteable – very easy to make quick yet high-quality content, small file size
  • Explainer Video Toolkit – may need more time to create videos, but they look brilliant
  • Moovly – inexpensive and good for beginners, plus you can have video backgrounds

Why try it:

  • It’s visually exciting for your audience, rather than regular video
  • It’s easy and inexpensive
  • You’ll stand out as a modern business

Tips on how:

  • Don’t overcomplicate it, simple is better
  • Take a look at similar content for inspiration

Story Features

A badass 8-year-old showing off their drumming skillz in their Insta story

A simple video marketing ‘platform within a platform’, but an absolute gem. Instagram stories and Snapchat stories have taken the digital world by storm, mainly due to their short length and opportunity for audience interaction. They give the viewer an intimate look at a brand. You can also follow in the footsteps of NASA or General Electric, and do behind the scenes videos that show off your brand or business in a way that you wouldn’t normally. This is what makes audiences feel involved with your brand, and warm up to it even more. Want to stand out?

Use story features when:

  • You’ve got something that will add value
  • You’ve got gripping questions to ask
  • You’re going to show off your creative process
  • Your business has special offers (they do well on this platform)

Don’t use story features when:

  • You’ve got gritty or unpolished content (keep it informal, but carefully crafted)
  • You’re posting the same stuff (keep it varied, promotional as well as entertaining)

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