5 video marketing campaigns to inspire small businesses

5 video marketing campaigns to inspire small businesses

Ever invested a ton of time into planning video content, only to hit a brick wall? Before you give up, we’re here to get your creativity flowing again. We’ve put together five different video campaigns to help you jazz up your video marketing ideas.

Code.org: What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Code.org is a nonprofit organisation whose main goal is to promote the learning of coding and computer science in schools. They boast that 13,000,000 of their students are female, that 900,000 teachers use their website, and that 10% of the world’s students have tried the ‘Hour of Code’; their own movement that encourages anyone aged 4-104 to spend an hour trying out coding.  You can read more on their website.

Their video marketing campaign, ‘What Most Schools Don’t Teach’, is an amazing example of how simple video marketing techniques can be used to show what a business is about. Using snippets with relevant interviewees along with children experiencing code for the first time, the video evokes a lot of emotion as well as spreading brand awareness. Have a think about how you could achieve a similar effect showing the world what you and your colleagues do?

GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

We’re sure you will have seen this one as it went viral instantly after Cory Kalanick, the firefighter in the footage, uploaded it onto the Internet.  What is striking about this campaign is that the footage is 100% real, and was actually filmed during a fire rescue.

Can you think of ways that you could show your audience how your product helps people in their day to day life? Or how it helps other businesses?

Slack: “So Yeah, We Tried Slack…”

This campaign is a personal favourite of ours; not just for it’s comedic approach, but because we use Slack ourselves and can vouch that it boasts the product effectively.

Are you looking to use a comedic tone of voice in your video campaign, rather than an emotional one? If so, then this is a great example of how to do so.

Do you have a fabulous team you want to show off in your campaign, or know of a team that would be up for the job? Start brainstorming.

VERISIGN: Shopping Cart Whisperer

Now, it’s time to get creative. VERISIGN (now segmentify) was a self-proclaimed ‘leader in domain names and internet security’.  Can you tell that from their video marketing campaign? Not at all.

This is the beauty of this type of video marketing, which doesn’t feel like video marketing or advertising at all. The audience are captured by the comedy within the clip, and left feeling curious about where the idea even came from. In this particular campaign, the audience was encouraged to visit a spoof website, rumoured to be led by the campaign’s protagonist, that led them to VERISIGN’s own page that was created to help businesses to reduce their e-Shopping Cart Abandonment.

In a nutshell, VERISIGN were promoting their own services with a hilarious and original piece of advertising, that didn’t feel like advertising. Make sense? Get your smartphone out, and start filming your own spoof.

Ellen Degeneres for musical.ly

To move away from YouTube specific campaigns, we’re making our last one a little different. Not only did this one take off on Instagram, but it also included user-generated content.

Similarly to VERISIGN’s campaign, you can’t quite tell that this challenge is video marketing at a first glance. You can use dares or competitions for just about anything…

Want a video marketing campaign that has a shockingly low budget, yet will be successful? Get creative and start thinking about what you can get people to do, and source an inexpensive prize to encourage involvement.

This is inspiration for something that can be video marketing, user-generated content, and a giveaway all in one. Audiences love each one of these three things, so why not give it a try?

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