5 Ways an Office Dog Can Benefit Your Company (Adorable dog pics inside)

5 Ways an Office Dog Can Benefit Your Company (Adorable dog pics inside)

Many offices all around the world have introduced dogs to their office space already – including J&R Agency! The trend is growing and it is safe to say that there’s a strong rationale for a dog-friendly attitude in the workplace. Research has shown that the company of pawsome colleagues may improve staff wellbeing and productivity among many other benefits. An office doggo can enhance company culture and increase your team’s effectiveness. Let’s see in detail why getting a pooch is a great idea!

1. They promote mental well-being

The best remedy for a rough day at work seems to be easy to find. A survey undertaken by The American Pet Products Association revealed 100% of respondents agreed that dogs in the office reduce stress levels, relax employees and create a positive work atmosphere. Studies indicate even a simple act of petting an animal increases serotonin levels in the brain. It’s like eating a chocolate bar but without a need to set your weighing scale back 10 lbs every time.

2. It Helps to Bond the Team

Sometimes people in a company find it difficult to make friends in a workplace and might feel lonely. A canine companion for the office is a perfect way to get people talking with each other. Having a doggo to chat about stimulates conversation and creates a neutral ground for people who may not have much in common. More communication in the office means a stronger bond between people which leads to a stronger company. Being in an environment that stimulates communication between co-workers can lead to working relationships forming. And this may encourage a higher rate of job satisfaction for the team.

3. Dogs can help Increase productivity

One of Entrepreneur Magazine’s ways to increase productivity among workers is to go dog-friendly! Pooches in the office encourages employees to take sporadic breaks to pet or play with them, and even take them on quick walk. Taking a few short mental breaks throughout the day is important as it leads to added productivity. And what’s better than a few minutes of outdoor exercise to get some air to refresh your mind? It is well known that taking time to step away from the computer makes employees work more effectively.

4. Dogs showcase your company’s culture

Companies allowing dogs in the office tend to be perceived as more innovative, open and friendly in comparison to the ones without a dog-friendly policy. Pro-dog offices are open to changes and challenges that can benefit the company and a pet-friendly environment shows clients that they are welcoming and full of happy staff. Dogs also help to attract candidates to your workplace as pets evoke positive emotions.

5. Doggos boost creativity

Having a mind that’s overwhelmed and stressed makes it hard to open up and be creative. Stanford revealed that creativity performance can be increased by taking a walk, even if it’s only a few minutes long. And the best company for a quick legs stretching is a dog. It’s a win-win situation for both of you! That’s why businesses that tend to have creative, open working environments, are more likely to allow dogs come to work with employees.

Once you decided to bring your dog to work, keep in mind some important aspects to make this experience the best it can be!

  • Check that your dog is office ready. Does your dog interact well with strangers? Does a doggo get bored quickly?
  • Always make sure that the office is safe and suitable for a furry friend by securing all electrical wires and cables so dogs won’t chew through them, covering wastebaskets and picking up any choking hazards or sharp objects from the “dog level”.
  • Ask your colleagues how they feel about dogs. Maybe there is someone who is afraid or allergic to them?
  • Let your clients know that there will be a dog in the office before they come in for a meeting
  • Go outside your office and see if there is a place you can go with your pet during your break
  • Prepare the office for a new colleague. Bring dog treats, chew toys, waste bags, water bowls etc.
  • Observe how your dog is doing in the office and if everything is fine, feel free to bring them more often

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