7 empowering resources for Liverpool’s #FemaleFounders

7 empowering resources for Liverpool’s #FemaleFounders

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Liverpool is a fantastic city for female founders. With a range of resources including events, business support opportunities and inspiring women all around us, it’s a place that generally welcomes women in business. 

Even though female founders are boss babes on their own, a little bit of encouragement, education and empowerment doesn’t hurt. Sometimes Imposter Syndrome gets the better of you. Or maybe you’d like to expand your knowledge. Whatever the case, there are several helpful resources that can help you out. Let’s run through some of the most empowering resources out there for Liverpool’s female founders.

1. Net-werk it 

Liverpool is home to some fabulous female-centric networking events. From traditional networking to brunches and cocktails, there’s something for every kind of woman.

Some of our favourite events are:

Ladies Wine & Design

Networking doesn’t have to be dull; it’s possible to have wine, design and a good time. Liverpool Ladies Wine and Design is a monthly meetup where a range of topics are discussed. It’s not a traditional networking event, but you’re bound to make some valuable connections. They welcome students, creatives and experienced businesswomen. 

Boss Babes Brunch 

Boss Babes Brunch is a series of networking events for female entrepreneurs that is like speed dating for businesses. The Boss Babes Brunch events can vary, some offer mentoring sessions whilst some invite a special guest to talk. Make sure to check out when the next event is on Eventbrite.

Unique Ladies Liverpool 

Unique Ladies Liverpool is an event held at Hope Street Hotel once a month. The event is structured with casual networking, an educational slot, table networking and an inspirational speaker. The format of Unique Ladies Liverpool makes it an experience that you can get a lot out of, whether you’re there to learn, network or get inspired. 

Single Mums Business Network

The Single Mums Business Network is quite self-explanatory; it’s a business network for single mums! The network is inclusive to single mums from all walks of life, whether you are just starting out in self-employment or are a business pro. The Single Mums Business Network aims to connect women, give businesses the exposure they deserve and to break the stereotype that single mums aren’t career-driven. 

2. Steer your course

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have 10 years of experience, learning is always a good idea. Liverpool has a variety of courses for women to get them fighting fit for the world of business. 

The Women’s Organisation

The Women’s Organisation is well known in Liverpool for bolstering women in business. As the largest training and support provider for women in the UK, The Women’s Organisation has supported over 60,000 women with their personal and career development. 

Get ready to learn:

  • Be a confident business woman
  • How to get media coverage for your business
  • Building a social media strategy 
  • How to get your business found by Google
  • Marketing strategy essentials 

Blackburne House

Blackburne House is a charity that strives to generate opportunities for women through training and business support. The courses they provide cover a number of fields, including:

  • Business and IT
  • Teacher training
  • Healthcare
  • Holistic therapies
  • Event planning
  • Housing 
  • Law 
  • Construction 

3. Putting the ‘fun’ in ‘funding’ 

If you’re a female founder in the making, you can only go so far before you need funding or support. Luckily, Liverpool has multiple funding opportunities that may appeal to female founders. 

Here are some funding providers we recommend:

Awesome Liverpool

Awesome Liverpool works with local trustees to invest £500 a month into local projects. This £500 ‘mini-grant’ is awarded to a project that the trustees vote on after their favourite entries are shortlisted. Awesome Liverpool is a great way to fund your business or a related project if it is giving back to the local community in some way. 

LCR Activate

If your business is in the creative or digital sector, LCR Activate may be one of the best options for you. LCR Activate is a funded support programme that helps businesses in the Liverpool City Region to grow using AI, Cognitive Computing, Cloud technologies and more. After you’ve completed the programme, you have the option to apply for match funding. 

The Women’s Organisation 

The Women’s Organisation don’t just offer training courses; they can help you to identify and secure funding. Their team of business advisors can direct you towards the funding that is best for your business, as well as advise you on other important aspects of entrepreneurship. 

4. Online girl gangs

Now that we’ve mentioned some in-person resources, we thought we’d run through our favourite online options. First and foremost, LinkedIn has some great groups you can join to connect you to like-minded female founders. 

Some of the most relevant groups you can join are:

5. Socially savvy

We’ve all been guilty of following accounts that make us feel like crap. But social media can be a place for empowerment. You can transform your feed from a confidence crusher into an inspiration station by following the right accounts.

Here are some leading local ladies and awesome businesses you need to follow on Twitter:

If you’re more of an Instagram person, we have a post on the best accounts to follow for female empowerment

6. Listen up, ladies

If you’re looking for empowerment on the go, podcasts are your best bet. Listen to a podcast on your commute to psych yourself up for the day and to give you the confidence to speak up in meetings. 

We’ve already covered our favourite feminist podcasts, but there are some career-centric ones that we think you’d find helpful.

Northern Power Women

The Northern Power Women podcast holds monthly discussions on issues that affect women’s working lives. Each episode features a successful woman who offers her insight on a topic, allowing the listener to learn from her experiences.

The Wo Down

The Wo Down is a podcast hosted by The Women’s Organisation that features prolific entrepreneurs from the North West; sharing their stories on how they got where they are today. 

No Man’s Land by The Wing 

Hosted by The Wing (a shared working space for women), No Man’s Land shares stories of rebellious, game-changing women throughout history. 

Second Life 

The Second Life podcast aims to highlight successful women who have made significant career changes. It features extraordinary women from all walks of life and a variety of industries, one of which is JLO (we’re sold)!

Girlboss Radio 

One of the most famous girl-bosses, Sophia Amoruso, has a podcast by the same name as her book. Girlboss Radio is a series of conversations with trailblazing women that explore what it takes to build a successful, long-lasting career.

Reading for rebels 

Being content marketers, it’s no surprise that we love a good book. Books are a timeless way to learn anything, and what better subject to get acquainted with than female empowerment. Luckily, there is no shortage of books on women’s career journeys and development. 

Here are some of our favourites:

Work Like A Woman by Mary Portas 

In Work Like A Woman, badass babe Mary Portas shares what she has learnt from her years of business in a world where the rules were set ‘by men, for men’. Mary explores why we shouldn’t sacrifice our sensitivity, empathy and instinct and the importance of working like a woman.

Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba 

Little Black Book acts as a career guide for the modern creative working woman. Otegha explores all the elements that make up a successful self-made career.

How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith 

How Women Rise explores the 12 habits that hold women back in their careers, offering solutions on how to combat them and move forward. 

21 Women from The Women’s Organisation 

We’re always jumping at the chance to celebrate local women, and this book is full of them. 21 Women tells the stories of 21 inspirational women from Liverpool, all coming from different backgrounds, sectors and communities. The book highlights how these individuals have shaped Liverpool into the city it is today. 

Keep the empowerment going 

Now you’ve got all you need, it’s time to get empowered. If you’d like to discover some of Liverpool’s leading ladies of business, have a read of our post on the 10 female founders from Liverpool you should know about. We also have a Female Founders series featuring inspiring women across the UK. 

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