NEW ebook: 10 video promotion tactics for small businesses

NEW ebook: 10 video promotion tactics for small businesses

So, you want to become a pro at marketing with video content – but don’t quite know where to start? Luckily for you, J&R has just released our latest free, downloadable e-Book in collaboration with Feature Media!

Put together by our Content Director Ruth Hartnoll and Julie Tumilty, Managing Director of Feature Media, the e-Book provides readers with 10 tactics on how to get the most out of your video content.

‘Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined (Wordstream) ’, making it the most engaging format for content promotion. With the use of the guide, you will be able to utilise the best practices of video marketing in order to reach your business goals.

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How will video marketing help my business?

  • Generates more engagement on posts
  • Makes ideas and information easier to digest
  • Conveys company products, messages and values quicker
  • Converts customers quicker
  • Improves SEO
  • Encourages social shares
  • It allows you to easily measure click-through rates
  • It is the most interesting type of content for your audience

What will I learn from the guide?

This guide is sure to help your small business, no matter how big your video ambitions are. We have broken down the best practices into 10 tactics, exploring the easiest and most effective ways that you can incorporate them.

Our video marketing guide will teach you how to:

  • Edit videos for social media
  • Convert videos into optimal formats for social media, e.g gifs
  • Film videos for specific platforms
  • Utilise your own network
  • Carry out keyword research for specific platforms
  • Use email to promote videos
  • Write targeted calls to action
  • Effectively cross-promote content

Sounds good to me!

If you’re sold on the idea of marketing with video content and want to learn more, download the eBook for free. Or, if you’re a beginner in content marketing and would like to get to know the ropes, why not download our Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing?

Thanks for reading!

We hope that you enjoy the eBook! For more free guidance on content marketing, make sure to check out our other posts here on the J&R Journal. We recommend starting out by reading the basics of content marketing, then learning how to make a content plan.