Civil Society Involvement (CSI) is a programme part funded by the European Social Fund, led by The Women’s Organisation. The programme aims to address issues of third sector organisations being able to use European funds effectively. By ensuring representation at Board level as well as national committees, the programme makes certain that current issues are addressed.  


To create a website that highlights The Civil Society Involvement programme as a new initiative and the impact it will have on those involved in its work.


Civil Society Involvement wanted to create a website that highlighted their programme as a new initiative, whilst acting as an information hub to its users – providing them with clear content that adds value. With this in mind, we worked to deliver a new website that puts its users’ needs first.  

To achieve this we:

  • Mapped out user journeys, then used this to create a user experience (UX) design and wireframing
  • Built in WordPress, for easy future editing
  • Created a view that allowed content to be served easily to the user
  • Incorporated strong CTA’s and navigation items to allow the user to reach the content as quickly as possible
  • Used a content-first approach, enabling the site to act as an information hub
  • MailChimp integration for easy database building
  • Directed users towards social channels and encouraged them to sign up for the mailing list


  • A professional, unified brand both online and offline
  • A valuable, information-rich resource that meetup fans can engage with outside ofthe event
  • Launched in August 2018, we will update this case study with further insights whenthe data is available to us

What the client thinks

J&R worked hard to get to the core of our business challenge. With the launch of our new site, we were keen to partner with an agency with proven experience in organic search. We’re happy to say the results have been fantastic and J&R have worked tirelessly to deliver a great SEO service for us.

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