Morecrofts is a team of dedicated solicitors who have been serving the Liverpool City Region for over 200 years. With in-house expertise in all areas of commercial and family law, and offices in Liverpool, Crosby, Allerton, The Wirral, Woolton and Prescot,  Morecrofts is a well-known brand built on a reputation of trust.


To grow awareness of the Morecrofts brand in local search, increase their organic visibility and update their onsite content to accurately reflect their services.


After an initial consultation with Morecrofts, we identified multiple areas that we could add value to, including:

  • Upskilling staff so that they have a deeper understanding of SEO
  • To improve rankings for key service terms, making the business more visible online 
  • Improving the quality of onsite content to better serve the users of the site
  • Improving their appearance in local search

We provided Morecrofts with strategic SEO work, optimising their site for search organically.

To achieve this we:

  • Trained staff in key SEO concepts to help improve in-house knowledge and make the team feel more confident in what they were buying
  • Carried out thorough keyword research to ensure that we understood their client base and potential clients as much as possible 
  • Crafted an in-depth SEO strategy so that Morecrofts fully understood the work we were doing, how we would achieve our desired results and their goals for the project
  • Rewrote and optimised all of the existing onsite content
  • Updated the information provided on the site to reflect Morecroft’s suite of services. We crafted the content with the audience in mind, avoiding jargon in order for the information to be easily understandable and digestible
  • Optimised the content for local search to make it easier for people around Liverpool, Wirral and Sefton to find it 
  • Carried out regular, easy-to-understand reporting to keep Morecrofts up-to-date with how content is performing
  • Provided jargon-free SEO that allowed Morecrofts to gain deeper insight into the work delivered, with clearer communication throughout the project 
  • Made sure to keep communication as open as possible, holding quarterly planning meetings that allowed Morecrofts to have as much input as they wanted on the work was being delivered



Our strategic and creative approach helped Morecrofts to meet all of their goals.

Some stand out results include:

    • Improved UX (user experience) of the site and usefulness of all onsite content, helping the end user to better understand Morecrofts’ suite of services
    •  16 key search terms now rank in the top 3 results of Google (as of May 2019)
    • Bounce rate from organic traffic has significantly declined over 10% to 61.59% (as of May 2019), suggesting onsite content holds more value to users and they are staying on the site for longer
    • Improved in-house knowledge around SEO through professional development training, delivered by J&R

What the client thinks

J&R worked hard to get to the core of our business challenge. With the launch of our new site, we were keen to partner with an agency with proven experience in organic search. We’re happy to say the results have been fantastic and J&R have worked tirelessly to deliver a great SEO service for us.

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