Proflush specialises in selling a range of powerflushing machines, accessories and chemicals for plumbers across the UK. For the last 20 years, Proflush’s products have been regarded as some of the best on the market. Their powerflushing machines are vital for professionals to carry out their jobs. From selling quality products and putting their customers’ needs first over the years, they have managed to establish an active and engaged community.


Proflush wanted to grow awareness of their brand within the plumbing community. It was important that they increased the relevance and engagement with their Twitter feed. This would result in educating and empowering heating engineers to share/sell powerflushing, water treatment best practice and Proflush products. Project Proflush wanted us to provide expert channel management, audience-grabbing content and authentic engagement with a lively online community. To achieve this we:

  • Researched the plumbing community through niche sites and talking to them in person to get to the root about what makes them tick
  • Carried out in-depth hashtag research to find out which hashtags were the most useful for generating both reach and engagement
  • Developed our own hashtags for Proflush to further establish their brand identity
  • Researched influencers within the community in order to develop useful online relationships
  • A bespoke content schedule optimised for peak engagement times
  • Developed various campaign tactics such as running free giveaway competitions to attract engagement from the audience


We achieved some great results for Proflush, meeting their goals as a brand: From November to February:

  • Retweets increased by 87%
  • Replies increased by 23%
  • Likes increased by 13%
  • Clicks increased by 17%

From the 25th of January to the 25th of February:

  • Retweets increased by 288%
  • Replies increased by 6,000%
  • Clicks increased by 35%
  • Likes increased by 434%
  • Engagement rate increased by 44%

What the client thinks

J&R’s friendly team gained a keen awareness of the industry to ensure that they understood our customers’ needs. Their great communication skills and iterative approach to work meant that they provided a consistent delivery of content. J&R accurately reflected Proflush’s brand, increasing engagement and keeping our followers entertained.

Dan Norstrom Sales Director Proflush

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